Candlemas in Køge

Candlemas in Køge

On Friday 3rd February 2017, Køge’s cultural institutions once again open their doors, inviting to Candlemas.

This year’s Candlemas theme is HEAVEN AND SEA.

At this annually recurring event, Køge’s cultural scene presents itself with activities for the entire family, first of all in central Køge and on the harbour. 

All these wonderful experiences are available for just DKK 30 per person (children under 4 are admitted free in the company of an adult). Candlemas bracelets are for sale at all participating cultural institutions or at VisitKøge.

Get a programme for the evening

Get a programme for all the evening’s activities at VisitKøge.

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Cosy atmosphere in town

If your fingers have become cold, you will find fire barrels throughout town to warm them. The fire barrels also provide an incredibly cosy atmosphere in town.

Plenty of experiences...

Bring the whole family along and have a full evening’s activities for just DKK 30 per person.

Join a conducted tour

Kælderen under Køge Apotek

On Candlemas night one of the activities is a conducted tour of the basement beneath Køge Pharmacy.

Candlemas in Køge

Candlemas in Køge

Even if Candlemas takes place on a cold February evening, there are plenty of people in town.