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    Be inspired by local art ....... All around the Køge Bay region, you will find a number of outdoor sculptures and statues. Should you want to know the stories behind these works of art, you may find the answer here (unfortunately the text is only in Danish. Use Google to translate)

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    1. Access to and use of this site is provided by VisitKøge subject to the following Terms and Conditions. 

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    You can do a lot of things that don’t cost a penny! Be your own tour guideExplore Køge’s old town centre with a free city walk map in your hand. The map which is yours to pick up at VisitKøge, describes the stately, well preserved houses in town. If you have a Smartphone, you can get 12 stories from Køge’s history canon for your phone when you walk around town. Download the app Layar to get the local part of the history canon. It also includes a quiz to solve and a word hunt.

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    Would you like a conducted tour? It may be rather pleasant walking around the museums on your own, studying their exhibtions, but joining a conducted tour can add considerably to the experience.

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    It is very nice to come home after a holiday and look at things you have bought that evoke memories of great holiday experiences. VisitKøge is the local souvenir dealer. Here you will find a wide selection, ranging from large fishing vessels, sailing ships and witches to small shrimp vessels, magnets, royal guardsmen, flags, Køge mugs and models of The Little Mermaid! And of course you can also buy postcards with motifs from Køge.

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    If you are staying in the Køge Bay region with your family, there will be a lot of experiences in store for you just round the corner

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    Come and "sample" Køge!  The beautiful old town offers a wide range of experiences. Both for you who may want to be indoors to study art and history and for those of you who prefer a breath of fresh air on a round of golf.  Whether your wish list includes a relaxing city break or activities for the entire family, Køge is your perfect holiday destination. Køge is full of life whatever season you visit us. Study all the suggestions and be inspired for a wonderful holiday!

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    If you need to wet your throat with a glass of good beer during your city break in the Køge Bay region, or to refresh yourself with a cup of coffee, you have a large choice of good cafés and pubs in the area. Sit down for “people watching” and let that holiday feeling sink in

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    Køge  Population: About 56,300 Area: 256 Local government: Mayor Flemming Christensen, Conservative Party Køge City Council: 27 members Tax rate: 24.9 % Towns/villages: Køge, Herfølge, Ll. Skensved, Ølsemagle, Lellinge, Alkestrup, Tureby, Borup, Ølby, Gørslev, Bjæverskov, Vemmedrup and Ejby

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 entries