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    You can do a lot of things that don’t cost a penny! Be your own tour guideExplore Køge’s old town centre with a free city walk map in your hand. The map which is yours to pick up at VisitKøge, describes the stately, well preserved houses in town. If you have a Smartphone, you can get 12 stories from Køge’s history canon for your phone when you walk around town. Download the app Layar to get the local part of the history canon. It also includes a quiz to solve and a word hunt.

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    On Friday 1 February 2013, Køge’s cultural institutions once again open their doors, inviting to  Candlemas. This year’s Candlemas theme is FROM PAST TO FUTURE. At this annually recurring event, Køge’s cultural scene presents itself with activities for the entire family, first of all in central Køge and on the harbour.  All these wonderful experiences are available for just DKK 25 per person (children under 4 are admitted free in the company of an adult). Candlemas bracelets are for sale at all participating cultural institutions or at VisitKøge.

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    Would you like a conducted tour? It may be rather pleasant walking around the museums on your own, studying their exhibtions, but joining a conducted tour can add considerably to the experience.

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    Come and "sample" Køge!  The beautiful old town offers a wide range of experiences. Both for you who may want to be indoors to study art and history and for those of you who prefer a breath of fresh air on a round of golf.  Whether your wish list includes a relaxing city break or activities for the entire family, Køge is your perfect holiday destination. Køge is full of life whatever season you visit us. Study all the suggestions and be inspired for a wonderful holiday!

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    Køge sparkles with life in summer Køge Market Square is brimming with people having a good time in the open air cafés or shopping for fruit and vegetables on a market day.  But the Market Square is not the only jolly place.

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    Spring is filled with music! Check the concert programmes from the local music venues. There are as many as three of them in the Køge region: Bygningen and Tapperiet in Køge and Portalen in Greve. The music venues present plenty of good music of all genres. You can buy your tickets at VisitKøge. Rhododendron park In Køge is one of Denmark's largest collections of rhododendrons. The park is adorned with shrubs with beautiful flowers of all colors. Admission is free, entrance from Gl. Ringstedvej. The park is open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 2pm-6pm.

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    New App for Smartphones The partnership TUGRAPP has developed a tourist app as a tool to present the 17th century history of both the city of Køge in Denmark and Hovdala Castle in Swedish Hässleholm. The development of the app is a step forward for tourist information. It is intended for tourists seeking cultural experiences. The new app guides visitors on to more experiences in Køge and Hässleholm. The point of departure is our common Danish-Swedish past and the traces of history we share.

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    Candlemas On Friday 5th February 2016, Køge’s cultural institutions once again open their doors, inviting to Candlemas. This year’s Candlemas theme is SOUND. At this annually recurring event, Køge’s cultural scene presents itself with activities for the entire family, first of all in central Køge and on the harbour.

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    It is very nice to come home after a holiday and look at things you have bought that evoke memories of great holiday experiences. VisitKøge is the local souvenir dealer. Here you will find a wide selection, ranging from large fishing vessels, sailing ships and witches to small shrimp vessels, magnets, royal guardsmen, flags, Køge mugs and models of The Little Mermaid! And of course you can also buy postcards with motifs from Køge.

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    Enjoy nature with your family For an outing in the woods, autumn is the most beautiful season. In Køge the woods are close to town. Bring the entire family along and have a wonderful autumn walk, with activities like gathering chestnuts to make chestnut animals.

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    Enjoy a cold glass of beer to jazz music in one of Køge’s many cosy courtyards, or lively Irish folk music on the harbour with its ”Nyhavn atmosphere”.

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    If you are staying in the Køge Bay region with your family, there will be a lot of experiences in store for you just round the corner

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    Planning the cycling tour Planning your cycling holiday, it is good to be able to draw up the lines of your tour. Check out to make your own personal route und pick the sights you want to visit on the tour.

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    Køge is Christmas town The old medieval town is a beautiful sight when the Christmas lighting is turned on. That happens at the same time as the huge Christmas tree on the Market Square has its lights turned on by Santa Claus himself.

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    Dyndet near Borup is a beautiful moorland area, located about 17 km west of Køge. Dyndet is a former peat digging site, mostly exploited during World War II when fuel was scarce. With its rich flora and fauna, the area has today developed into a gem of nature and is one of the best botanical localities in Denmark.

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    When the internet is not enough  Nowadays you can plan your holiday in advance by means of brochures and the internet, book accommodation and make plans for what to see and experience.

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    Køge is an excellent base for a wonderful holiday with children. Køge has got it all! The town is close to woods and beaches and within easy reach of popular visitor attractions on Sealand.

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    Scenic experiences are always within easy reach in Køge. You will find woods and beaches in the immediate vicinity, providing rich opportunities for great walking and cycling tours while enjoying nature.

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    Danhostel Køge stands on the outskirts of  Køge, close to woods and beaches.  Danhostel Køge offers families a wonderful, relaxed holiday in a scenic setting. Among its facilities are a playground and ball playing fields. Køge Swim Centre and public transport are within easy reach.  It is only about 2 km from Danhostel Køge to downtown Køge with its eating places, cafés and wide range of exciting cultural experiences. 

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