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Events in Køge

Photo: VisitKøge - René Dreier

What’s on in Køge during my holiday? Is it a summer revue or a bird show? What’s showing at the cinema? When do the cycling races take place, and when is the switch-on of the town’s Christmas tree? You will find all this and a lot more here.

Spring in Køge

Spring in Køge is a lovely time. Enjoy a cup of coffee at one of Køge´s many cosy  cafes , for instance at Køge Market Square.

Summer in Køge

Køge sparkles with life in summer. Køge Market Square is brimming with people having a good time in the open air cafés or shopping for fruit and veget...

Autumn in Køge

For an outing in the woods, autumn is the most beautiful season. In Køge the woods are close to town. Bring the entire family along and have a wonderf...

Winter in Køge

Winterzeit ist Innenzeit. Køge bietet viel Innenkomfort, wenn es draußen kalt ist.

In week 35 Køge is filled with music! Concerts are played at the big scene at Køge Market Square, admission is free. Come and join us!

Christmas in Køge

Photo: VisitKøge

Find out what is going on

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