The scenery around Køge

Photo: VisitKøge

Scenic experiences are always within easy reach in Køge. You will find woods and beaches in the immediate vicinity, providing rich opportunities for great walking and cycling tours while enjoying nature.

Where would you like to enjoy nature?

The bronze path at Køge Ridge

The Bronze Path (Bronzestien) is a historic path with five Bronze Age barrows in the area around Gammel Køgegård. The path has a length of 3.25 kilome...

Dyndet by Borup

Dyndet near Borup is a beautiful moorland area, located about 17 km west of Køge.

Kimmerslev Lake

Kimmerslev Lake is a 92 acre lake, located in a scenic area near Borup 14 km west of Køge.

Køge River Path

Køge River Path is a 22 km cycling and walking path. The gravel path starts on Køge Ridge, following Køge River from Køge to Humleore and on to Borup ...

Køge Ridge

A ridge is an oblong hill formed by melt water deposits beneath a glacier. The ridge Køge Ås provides a clear picture of an oblong, today wooded, hill...

Tangmose Forest - Køge

Both children and adults can go hunting for controls while enjoying the landscape around Tangmose Forest on the exercise trail, which is a combined ”F...

Ølsemagle Sand Bar

Ølsemagle Sand Bar is a scenically spot where you can go swimming as well as bird watching.

Beaches along Køge Bay

The splendid, wide sandy beaches along Køge Bay are made for family fun and play. And don’t worry – there is plenty of space for everyone! Experienced...

Visit the roof gardens by the train station. They are situated on the roof of some of the buildings in Rådhusstrædet (ask VisitKøge where). The gardens are open to the public and you are welcome to come and enjoy a quiet moment or to bring your kids to play.