Conducted tours

Would you like a conducted tour?

It may be rather pleasant walking around the museums on your own, studying their exhibtions, but joining a conducted tour can add considerably to the experience.

Several attractions in Køge provide this opportunity. Hearing about the history of the church is one, another is the development plan for the South Harbour implemented by Køge Kyst, or you could ask for specific details about an interesting exhibit at the museums. Listen to stories about Køge’s old houses, whether true or cock and bull, on a city walk, or learn more about Danish history on a conducted tour of KØS – Museum for Art in Public Spaces. Here hang the the beautiful sketches for the Queen’s tapestries that do illustrate Denmark’s history. Since the tapestries are now and then taken down to make room for other exhibitions, it is recommended to check with KØS whether they are in place before your planned visit.
Please bear in mind that some places want you to book in advance for a conducted tour.

Be your own tour guide

Køge is among the towns in Denmark that have the largest number of well preserved half timbered houses in its centre, including Denmark's oldest half timbered house from 1527, verified by a date inscription, and the oldest town hall still in use, dating from 1552. Be you rown tour guide and pick up a city walk map from VisitKøge with information about the houses. The map is handed out for free.

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