Cycling holiday in Køge

If you are a cycling fan, Køge is a great base for your next holiday. Enjoy the view from the saddle along Køge Bay or take a tour on the 22 km Køge River Path (Køge Å-stien) to the scenic area of Dyndet or the idyllic lake Kimmerslev Sø. To the north is the sand bar Ølsemagle Revle, a Mekka for bird lovers, and Mosede Fort Beach Park, a wonderful recreational area by the sea.

Planning and maps

Before you set out, it is recommended to plan the trip to ensure that you get the most out of your cycling holiday. Here you can find out where to buy cycling maps, what to see on your tour, and last not least the weather forecast for the day you are leaving.

A little practical information

If you need a place to sleep or eat, you will find help here. If the chain has skipped, or you have a flat tyre, you will also find advice here.

Repair of your bike

Repair of your bike

If you have a flat tyre, or if your bike needs a check-up, you can go here:


Garant Cykler
Vestergade 41, 4600 Køge 

Bike & Co. in Køge
Nørre Boulevard 59, 4600 Køge 

Marksvingets Cykler
Marksvinget 9, 4600 Køge