Experiences for free in Køge

You can do a lot of things that don’t cost a penny!

Be your own tour guide
Explore Køge’s old town centre with a free city walk map in your hand. The map which is yours to pick up at VisitKøge, describes the stately, well preserved houses in town. If you have a Smartphone, you can get 12 stories from Køge’s history canon for your phone when you walk around town. Download the app Layar to get the local part of the history canon. It also includes a quiz to solve and a word hunt.

Spread around the town of Køge, you will find several works of art. If you are practising art or just take an interest in art, you will get a lot of inspiration by studying these works. See an overview of the works.

All churches in the Køge Bay region are extremely well preserved. The most interesting is St. Nicolai Church in Køge, which is worth a visit with its splendid wood carvings, an impressive  altarpiece and several tombs in the church floor. Second only to Roskilde Cathedral, it is the Danish church with the largest number of tombs in the church floor. In summer, you can climb the 44 metre high church tower to enjoy the view across the town and the bay.

Before you visit the local churches, it is recommended to check their opening hours.

From spring to late summer, you can enjoy the festive tunes of jazz, performed live, in one of Køge’s many charming courtyards, or the lively Irish folk music played on the harbour in Køge. During week 35, Køge is filled with music, for this is Køge Festival Week. Throughout the festival, music pours out from the large stage in the Market Square, and participation is totally free. Just show up for the fun!

Market sale
Every Wednesday and Saturday are market days throughout the year in the Market Square in Køge. Discover a MECCA of fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, fish, sausages, olives, honey etc. and have a great day without needing to take money out of your pocket. You will also enjoy plenty of flowers in beautiful colours, crafts, jewellery and other attractive items. See you in Køge Torv for a good bargain!

Bird sanctuary on Ølsemagle Revle
A wonderful scenic experience is in store for you at Ølsemagle Revle (sand bar). This place is noted for its wealth of species of wading birds. In autumn almost any species of wading birds can be watched in the area. The birds can be viewed from the view tower. Ølsemagle Sand Bar also boasts a splendid wide sandy beach which is extremely popular  in summer.

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Go to the beach

On the beach

Køge Maritime Modeler Guilds

Køge Maritime Activity Center

Visit the workshop and have a look at the magnificent ship´s models. Open every Thursday (except July) from 10am-3pm.

On two wheels in Køge

On two wheels in Køge

Rhododendron park


Bird sanctuary

Bird sanctuary