Facts about Køge

Population: About 60.000

Area: 256 sq.km

Local government:
Mayor Marie Stærke, Socialdemocrats
Køge City Council: 27 members

Towns/villages: Køge, Herfølge, Ll. Skensved, Ølsemagle, Lellinge, Alkestrup, Tureby, Borup, Ølby, Gørslev, Bjæverskov, Vemmedrup and Ejby

Schools: 16 public schools, 1 high school, 1 commercial school, 1 technical school, 1 production high school, 1 youth school, 1 special school, 1 music school

Cultural institutions: Køge Swim Centre, KØS - Museum of art in public spaces, Galleries, Museums, 6 libraries and 1 Tourist Office

Infrastructure: Køge Bugt Motorway – about 38 km to the centre of Copenhagen

S-train: 45 minutes to Copenhagen.

Regional trains: to Roskilde, Næstved, Faxe Ladeplads and Rødvig

Ferry: service to Bornholm

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