Family holiday in Køge

Køge is an excellent base for a wonderful holiday with children.

Køge has got it all! The town is close to woods and beaches and within easy reach of popular visitor attractions on Sealand.

Treasure hunt
If the family wants to explore the beautiful medieval city of Køge, a treasure hunt could be great fun (treasure maps are handed out by VisitKøge). On this hunt the children are to solve some problems around town, and when the tour is over, their answers can be checked with VisitKøge who will award a small prize. The parents may also want to see the sights on the tour, and for that purpose they can get a city walk map with an overview of the old well preserved buildings.

Feel like a giant
A visit to Kjøge Mini-Town is also highly recommended. Here the children can feel like giants moving around among the many houses in the Mini-Town, which is a replica of Køge city centre in the year 1865. They may even recognise several houses from their treasure hunt! 

Standing at the top of Køge Church tower you have a giant’s view of the entire town and Køge Bay!

Mosede Fort, Denmark 1914-18 is a museum for visitors of all ages, featuring Denmark during World War I. It is the only  museum in Denmark - and presumably in the rest of Europe - relating the history of the neutral small state and describing the influence of World War I on the development of the Danish welfare society. The thoroughly restored casemate provides the setting for the ultramodern exhibition 'On the Brink of War - Neutrality between Warfare and Welfare'. It is a hands-on exhibition where visitors can use ears, eyes and hands to gain insight into an important, but forgotten, period in Danish history.

Activity holiday
For an activity holiday, the coast along Køge Bay offers fine sandy beaches that are shallow and very child friendly. They do have jetties, however, enabling the adults to immerse themselves. Should the weather be too rough for a beach trip, you could visit the swim centre Køge Svømmeland with all its facilities such as swimming pools, baby pool, 10 metre jumping tower, climbing wall or water chute.

If you want to watch Køge from the ”seaside”, "stand up paddle" might be something for the whole family? It's a fast-growing, very popular water sport. What to do? You stand on a surfboard and paddle your way forward. You have to use energy and balance, and it's easy to learn for everyone. Equipment can be rented at Blue Water SUP Rentals. If you would like to stay on the ground, try to beat Mom and Dad in a round of mini golf on Køge & Vallø Camping

The Play Jungle
If more energy is to be burnt off, the Play Jungle in Køge is the perfect place to do so for both big and small! It is an INDOOR playland of more than 1,500 sq.m  just waiting to be explored and a challenge to everyone – irrespective of age. If the adults prefer to watch the activities with a good cup of coffee, or if they need to be connected to their work, they can do so with the wireless internet available. The café sells coffee and other good stuff. There is a magnificent overview of the playland from the café, enabling you to keep an eye on the playing children. You are allowed to bring your own food but drinks are to be bought at the Play Jungle. 

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See Køge from above

Køge from above

Walk all the steps up to the top of Køge Church Tower to be rewarded with  a marvellous view of the entire town and Køge Bay!

The church tower is open to visitors on weekdays 12-4pm during school summer holidays.



Stand up paddle in Køge

Stand up paddle

Køge Maritime Modeler Guilds

Køge Maritime Activitiy Centre

Visit the workshop where models of magnificents ship are built - Thursdays from 10am-3pm (except July).

Tour suggestions from Køge

Tour suggestions max 45 minutes away!