Køb souvenirs hos VisitKøge


It is very nice to come home after a holiday and look at things you have bought that evoke memories of great holiday experiences.

VisitKøge is the local souvenir dealer. Here you will find a wide selection, ranging from large fishing vessels, sailing ships and witches to small shrimp vessels, magnets, royal guardsmen, flags, Køge mugs and models of The Little Mermaid! And of course you can also buy postcards with motives from Køge.

Danish Design

If you want to find Danish design, it is of course sold in the shops throughout town. Lego is sold in some supermarkets, and items from producers of Bodum, Holmegård Glas, Eva, Stelton, Royal Copenhagen, Georg Jensen, Kay Bojesen, Lene Bjerre and other well known designs are available in interior decoration shops.

Øl fra Bryghuset Braunstein i Køge

Local "souvenirs"

Change the traditional souvenirs for local crafts and taste experiences. You could visit Kratgården south of Køge that sells unique crafts inspired by nature and its colours, or go to Fru Hansens Chokolade to revel in wonderful, home made chocolate. The local brewhouse Braunstein on Køge Harbour produces special beers and whisky. The many different beers can be bought direct with Braunstein and in supermarkets or be enjoyed at Hugos, the local beer Mecca.



At Christmas, go to VisitKøge to buy elves! All kinds are available: knitted elves, silly elves, hanging elves, small elves, big elves and a lot more. Come and see for yourself!