Practical info


Call 112

Emergency medical service

VisitKøge will be pleased to refer to a doctor. There is a doctor on call Monday-Friday between 4pm-8am and throughout the weekend. All contact is to be by telephone on 70 15 07 00.

Public toilets

Nørregade 2, 4600 Køge
Opening hours toilet: Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday 8am-3pm. Closed Sun & public holidays

Emergency room/hospital

The emergency room is open 24 hours a day. Køge Sygehus, Lykkebækvej 1, 4600 Køge, tel: 47 32 34 40

Emergency dental service

Emergency dental service, tel: 29 60 01 11
Region Sjællands Tandlægepleje, Æblehaven 2, 4200 Slagelse
Telephone hours: Saturday, Sun & public holidays before 10.30am

You may also need:


Køge Apotek Torvet 
Brogade 1
4600 Køge
Telephone: 56 65 01 21


Nørre Boulevard 67
4600 Køge

Calls from foreign mobile phones

Don’t forget to dial 0045 first when calling a Danish telephone number.


Opening hours: Monday-Wednesday and Friday 10am-4pm, Thursday 10am-5.30pm

Post office

Vestergade 25-27, 4600 Køge (inside Kvickly)
Open: Monday-Friday 8 am-8 pm, weekends 8 am-6 pm


Herfølge Dyreklinik, Vordingborgvej 76, 4681 Herfølge, tel. 56 27 60 66,

Køge Dyreklinik, Brogade 7 B, 4600 Køge, tel. 56 63 40 96,

Køge-Egnens Dyrehospital, Lyngvej 35, 4600 Køge, tel. 56 16 96 40,

Ølby Dyrehospital, Ølby Center 12, 4600 Køge, tel. 70 25 02 02,

Battery change station for electric cars

Batterieskiftestation for elbiler, Servicevej 4, 4600 Køge (off motorway exit 32)

A battery change station changes the battery of electric cars in less than five minutes.
The car activates the battery change station gate to open. Now the electric car enters the station and is positioned automatically for the robot arm to carry out the battery change. The car is then driven out of the battery change station with a fresh battery, while the used battery is recharged to be ready for another electric car.

Internet café in Køge

Internet café in Køge

It is possible to borrow a computer and get access the internet at the libraries in Køge. They also offer wireless access to enable you to enter the internet with your own pc or mobile phone.
How do I go about it?


Should you need internet access, you will find a hotspot at VisitKøge. And if you do not bring your own phone or tablet, you are free to use our complimentary computer. Printing is not possible though.

Wireless internet access is also available at Café over Broen, Torvebyen 10.

Parking in Køge

Parking in Køge

Parking is free in our region. But you must use a parking disc showing the time you have left your car. The parking disc must be clearly visible from outside - in the right side of the front window . Parking signs indicate how long parking is permitted in a particular place. Parking discs are on sale at VisitKøge, Vestergade 1.

Parking in Køge



Central- og West Sealand Police

Notifications to service center day and night on tel: 46 35 14 48
Direct service number for the police, tel: 114