Accommodation in Køge

Photo: Comwell Køge

Køge has a good selection of lovely places where you can stay - from the campsite in scenic surroundings to accommodation in hotels or private accommodation in the vibrant and cozy trade town of Køge.

Where do you want to sleep?

Photo: VisitKøge

Hotels in Køge

You will find three hotels in Køge and have the choice of staying in the centre of town, near the harbour or by the water. Whatever you choose, you will be close to everything.

Danhostel in Køge

Danhostel Køge stands on the outskirts of  Køge, close to woods and beaches.

Private accommodation in Køge

Private accommodation or bed & breakfast in and around Køge offers you and your family a wonderful holiday in a relaxed and pretty setting.

Camping i Køge

The Køge region has two camping sites, one located near the beach and one is set further inland. It is possible to hire cabins, and there is always room for a tent.

Shelter by Køge

The site is located in beautiful surroundings along the Køge River Path . Download the folder on the Køge River Path at VisitKøge.

Pitches for campers in Køge

If you have a camper, you can search for a place at Køge to spend the night here.