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Photo: Kunst og gallerier i Køge

All around the Køge Bay region, you will find a number of outdoor sculptures and statues. Should you want to know the stories behind these works of art, you may find the answer here (unfortunately the text is only in Danish. Use Google to translate)

Be inspired by local art

The Fountain in the Market Square Køge Torv after proposal from architect Christian Sylow.

H. W. Bissen’s statue of King Frederik VII. It is a tradition for the fresh high school graduates to dance around the statue every year.

Pontus Kjerman – drinking water fountains in Køge’s pedestrian street as well as the fountainin the station yard in Køge.

Jens Flemming Sørensen - fountain in the courtyard at Køge Town Hall and '’ in the courtyard at Køge Library.

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Photo: VisitKøge

More art

KØS museum of art in public places - Køge

KØS  is Denmark's and one of the world's only museums of art in public spaces. The museum is involved in exhibitions, research and communication, with all the special challenges and opportunities that meet art in public spaces. Here is told a fascinating piece of art history attached to t...

Gallery Nørregade

Art, crafts and gift ideas. Open Saturdays 11 am - 2 pm

Køge Art Association

A mobile art association that moves around in temporary locations. Click and see where they are now

Gallery Wenneberg

ART gallery in the heart of Køge. Welcome to a different art experience

Skovbo Art Society

Art society accommodated at Borup Culture House