Byvandring på Køge Torv

City walks in Køge

Photo: VisitKøge

Køge is one of the towns in Denmark that have the largest number of well preserved half timbered houses in its centre, including Denmark's oldest half timbered house from 1527, verified by a date inscription, and the oldest town hall still in use, dating from 1552.

On city walks in central Køge, you will, on the one hand, enjoy the sight of the old, well preserved houses relating the long history of the town, and, on the other hand, you will see Køge as a modern, enterprising town with a vivid cultural and business life, which offers rich opportunities for holiday shopping etc.

Since 1966 Køge has followed a special plan for the preservation of the old buildings, whether privately owned or public. This is why the city is visited every year by many groups who are told the town history while studying the beautiful well preserved houses on a city walk.

If you want to take a city walk in Køge, you can get a city walk map with description of the old houses at VisitKøge.

Byvandring i Køge - bestil din tur her


In early and late summer, city walks are organised in Køge with a Danish speaking tour guide. Tickets are sold by VisitKøge.

You get a tour through the central part of town, visiting on some tours the medieval basements which are normally not open to the general public. The witch trials ”Køge Huskors” are often part of the story told as are the Clog Battle and Hans Christian Andersen’s stay in town. Some special tours have the church as main feature.