Gammelt vindue

Guided tours

Photo: VisitKøge

Join us for a journey to the past for an exciting guided tour in our old, beautiful town.

At VisitKøge we offer guided tours of our old town centre. You book your own guide with us via our booking portal here. The portal is in Danish, so if you have trouble booking, please call us at 30736782 or mail at

1. Press Byvandringer and select the one called Byvandring i Gamle Kjøge Bymidte.

2. Go to the bottom and press Vælg dato

3. Fill in the date and time etc, along with your contact information.

4. Please remember to write in the comment that you want an english speaking tour.

5. Pay with Visa & Mastercard

Guidede ture byvandring Køge

Take a walk through history on your own

You can visit the most important historic sites in town by yourself, by picking up at map at the self served tourism office at the square. 

Download the map here