Torvehandel på Køge Torv

Market days in Køge

Photo: VisitKøge

With an area of 9,940 sq.m., Køge’s Market Square is the largest outside Copenhagen  - and has been on this site since the Middle Ages. Market days in Køge Torv with sale of meat, fish, vegetables etc have existed for 700 years.

Market sale today

Nowadays the Market Square presents a cosier atmosphere with market days every Wednesday and Saturday from 8 am-3 pm throughout the year.

Today, the Market Square is a MECCA of fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, fish, sausages, olives, honey etc. On sale are also plenty of flowers, crafts, jewellery and other attractive items.

See you in Køge Torv for a good bargain!

Torvedag på Køge Torv
Photo: VisitKøge

The Market Square was totally renovated in 1997 when the many cobble stones were repaired and reset, and Køge was awarded the Danish Town Plan Prize for its continued and consistent town plan policy. A memorial tablet for this prize has been laid down in the centre of the Market Square.

Køge Torv - roser


Køge Torv - kålhoved


Køge Torv - græskar i kasse


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