Bronzestien - Køge Ås

The bronze path at Køge Ridge

Photo: VisitKøge

The Bronze Path (Bronzestien) is a historic path with five Bronze Age barrows in the area around Gl. Kjøgegaard. The path has a length of 3.25 kilometres, partly overlapping another path in Køge, the Køge River Path (Køge Å-stien).

Exciting stories

All along the path, a number of signboards provide interesting information about the barrows and their importance to our knowledge of the Bronze Age. The path is an obvious choice for any visitor wanting to sense the presence of history. 

If you are in the area around Gl. Kjøgegaard in May, we recommend you also visit the rhododendron park. The park is open to the public on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 2 PM to 6 PM.