Tangmoseskoven - Køge

Tangmose Forest - Køge

Photo: Køge Marina

Both children and adults can go hunting for controls while enjoying the landscape around Tangmose Forest on the exercise trail, which is a combined ”Find Your Way Vej”-route and ”Heart Path”.

The trail leads you through Tangmose Forest and Køge Marina, along the beach and to the top of the hill with its view of the harbour and townscape.

Orienteering races

The Find Your Way route is a simplified orienteering race, in which you are to find your way to the controls and punch or note the codes. 31 controls have been established , and maps with routes of varying degrees of difficulty can be downloaded from the homepage of the local orienteering club, Køge Orienteringsklub. In addition, a special children’s route is available, to be used for children’s birtday parties, family tours etc. The route has two starting points, one to the north by he car park/boat harbour off the beach Nordstranden, and one to the south by the cycling/footbridge across Værftsvej.