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Nørre Dalby Kirke by Køge

Nr. Dalby Church, a medieval church dating back to 1150-1200, presents itself beautifully with yellow-limed walls adorned with white decorations.

The church is a medieval church from 1150 – 1200 and appears beautifully yellow-plastered with white decorations.

Westward tower wall made from monastic bricks from 1250 is carrying a beautiful zigzag pattern at the indoor side and the tower eastward wall is richly decorated with brick ups, corbie-step gable and a fine decoration that represents a cross with side crosses at the cross arm and tiny little cross bars at all the cross ends.
This beautiful subject is carried on to the memorial stone at the common urn grave and to the antependium (frontal) of the alter table inside the church.

The altarpiece and the pulpit are both renaissance from 1620.

Baptismal font is Romanesque and made from granite.

The old rows of seats from 1650 are very worth seeing. Since 1940 they appear as acid-washed (no paint) and they were thoroughly restored in the year 2000.

Nr. Dalby church is a very beautiful and worthy example of a typical Danish village church.