Køge Kirketårn - udsigt

Viewpoints in Køge

Photo: VisitKøge

Køge has several viewpoints offering splendid views across the town of Køge and Køge Bay.

On a bright day, there is an incredible panorama view from the tower of Køge Church across Køge Bay and all the way up to Øresund Bridge. You could also have a try on the prize-winning footbridge to Køge Nord Station, which offers a unique view across Køge Bugt Motorway.

Køge Nord - gangbro med rulletrappe

Køge Nord Station

Køge Nord railway station, a characteristic and architectural landmark for Køge and also the new gateway for travellers to Copenhagen.

Broen, Køge Station

The station bridge in Køge

Have a fine view across town, harbour and station from the Station Bridge. Also suitable for wheelchair users.

Taghave i Rådhusstræde, Køge
Martin Håkan, Coverganda

Roof gardens in Køge

The 3 roof gardens offer activity as well as recreation. Located on top of the stores in Rådhusstræde, the gardens are open to the public. A place for peace and quiet and also a playground.

Udsigt fra volden Køge Marina
Køge Marina

Green embankments at Køge Marina

Climb the green embankment to enjoy a beautiful view across the sea. You should also climb the Havhøj Hill with a marvellous view of the town of Køge and its red rooftops.

Molestien, Køge Havn

South Pier, Køge Harbour

On the 888 m long pier, you will get very close to the sea and may be watching a large ship entering the harbour. Unique view of the town of Køge from the end of the pier.

Ølsemagle Revle - fugle

Bird tower at Ølsemagle Revle

Ølsemagle Revle, noted for its rich bird life and many species of wading birds. Visit the view tower to watch the birds. Awesome view across Køge Bay.

Badesøen, Dyndet

Dyndet, west of Køge

Located in the beautiful moorland area, called Dyndet, west of Køge, is ”Badesøen” (Bathing Lake), bordered by high slopes and woodland. The slopes are the outermost part of the Køge Ås ridge. Climb to the top, from where there are stunning views of the moors and woods.