Mand med fisk - Køge

Angling in Køge

Photo: Aktiv Fritid Køge

The Bay of Køge has many  possibilities for angling, both for the family and for the trained angler. You can fish along the coast, in streams and in lakes.

Don’t forget the angling license

If you want to fish along the Danish coast, you are required to buy a valid angling licence. You may otherwise risk a fine.
The rules for angling along the Danish coast are pretty simple. Being between 18 and 65 years of age, you must hold a valid angling licence if you want to go sea angling.

Persons who are younger or older than this age group do not need to buy an angling licence to fish along the coast. Buy you license here.

One day angling

Buy your one day angling license here

Angling cards for the lakes Kimmerslev Sø or Dalby Sø are for sale at Borup Library.

Køb lystfisketegn her
Lystfiskere Køge Åøge
Buy your fishing license here

The sea

If you bring your own boat, you can have a try at trolling for sea trout, cod or turbot in Køge Bay. There is a boat ramp at Køge Marina. For more details, contact the harbour.

Køge Marian - luftfoto

Køge Marina

Photo: Køge Marina