Køge River Path

Photo: VisitKøge

Køge River Path is a 22 km cycling and walking path. The gravel path starts on Køge Ridge, following Køge River from Køge to Humleore and on to Borup Station.

Køge Rivers starts as a small brook south of the moor Regnemarks Mose near Borup, falling into Køge Bay at a width of 10 metres. The path provides an insight into the natural and cultural history connected with the area to be seen en route. Minor stretches separate the walking path from the cycling path, each with their own course. The path is marked by wooden poles or blue metal signs and is disabled friendly in a section of its course.

The path is part of an overall plan for nature management of the area covering Køge River and Kørge Ridge. The purpose is to boost the values of geology and landscape, improve conditions for plants and animals and to create better access.


A map of the River Path is available, in the form of three folders. The folders are available – until out of stock – at VisitKøge.