Music in the Køge region

Enjoy a cold glass of beer to jazz music in one of Køge’s many cosy courtyards, or lively Irish folk music on the harbour with its ”Nyhavn atmosphere”.

If you are a fan of good music, you will have rich opportunities to delight your ears in the Køge Bay region.

Music in the open

In summer (from May to September, weather permitting) you can sit in the open on Saturdays, enjoying a beer to live music in the courtyards at Hugos Kælder (jazz) or Restaurant Christians Minde (mixed). Check with the various venues for their lists of events. In autumn/winter you can listen to live music at Hugo’s on Thursday nights.

At Køge Harbour you will find the Old Irish Pub, where sometimes music is also played. Check their Facebook for dates.

Music venues in the Køge region

Køge Bay has three concert venues, i.e. Bygningen and Tapperiet in Køge and Portalen in Hundige, Greve. On the programmes are concerts with Danish and foreign bands as well as a summer revue, theatre performances, lectures and a lot more. Tickets for all three venues are sold by VisitKøge.

If you wish to hear live music in the evening you can visit the Old Irish Pub at the harbour.

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Køge Festival Week

Køge Festival week

Week 35 is celebration week throughout Køge. The Market Square Torvet is bustling with life, music and people who come to enjoy the good music that pours out from the large stage here. With free admission, participation in the Festival Week won’t cost you a penny. All you have to do is to show up and enjoy the music!

One of the best beer pubs in Denmark

Good beer place in Køge

Hugos Kælder in Køge has been admitted to one of the best beer pubs in Denmark. The guide has been prepared by Danish Beer Enthusiasts. In addition, its local branch has honoured Hugos with the prize Dansk Ølmærke (Danish Beer Brand).