Havnebad, Køge Marina

Summer in Køge

Photo: Køge Marina

Summer in Køge equals good times. The Køge area gives you the opportunity to distance yourself from the busy everyday life and completely relax. 

Nature experiences in Køge

If you love being in nature, you will easily find good places in the Køge area where you can hike or cycle. Follow e.g. Køge Å-sti, a cycle or hiking path going from Køge west to the area around Borup.

Through forest and lovely nature, you follow the meandering Køge Å, and end up coming to an area rich in bird and animal life, called Dyndet. There is also a bathing lake where you can enjoy a well-deserved break before the trip returns to Køge.

3 suggestions for summer experiences in Køge

Kør-til-Køge 2022

Veteran Car Meet

At Køge Marina, you can enjoy the sight of beautiful, old cars every Monday. Come by and kick some tires from kl. 5.30 -9 pm.

Eat and sleep

In Køge you will find lots of good places to eat, where you can relax with delicious food after a wonderful day, full of experiences. When your stomach is full, you just need a nice place to spend the night, where you can recharge your batteries for more good holiday experiences.