Kanotur maj i brogade sommer
Sommer flag for Køge gågaden

Welcome to Køge: An old and cosy town

Køge is an old town that is very much alive and brimming with inspirations for a wonderful holiday!

Visit the local museums, enjoy the beautiful old, well-preserved houses, and don't forget about the modern architecture of our newer neighbourhoods. The spectacular Market Square in Køge has no equal in any other town. 

With woodland and beaches close to the city centre, Køge is within easy reach of nature, and the lovely countryside to the west is ideal for cycling trips and excursions.

Vikingsborgen borgring

Ring Fortress Borgring is now UNESCO World Heritage!

Photo: Rune Hansen

The self-service tourism office


Opening hours in our self-service tourism office

Welcome to our self-service tourism office in the centre of Køge Midtown. 

Here you'll find information and brochures about what you can see and experience while visiting our town. Every day 08 AM to 08 PM

If you need us, please reach out on social media, or send us an e-mail on visitkoege@connectkoege.dk. We will respond within normal working hours from Monday to Friday. 

Contact VisitKøge: visitkoege@connectkoege.dk