Café Vivaldi

Spring in Køge

Photo: VisitKøge

Spring in Køge is a lovely time. Enjoy a cup of coffee at one of Køge´s many cosy cafes, for instance at Køge Market Square.

If you love flowers, then go to Køge Market Square on market days Wednesdays and Saturdays. In the spring you will find lots of fresh flowers in fantastic colours.

Spring is filled with music!

Check the concert programmes from the local music venues. There are as many as three of them in the Køge region: Bygningen and Tapperiet in Køge and Portalen in Greve. The music venues present plenty of good music of all genres. You can buy your tickets at VisitKøge.

Furthermore several of the cafes and restaurants in Køge have live music in spring/summer. For more information, ask at VisitKøge.

Rhododendron park

In Køge is one of Denmark's largest collections of rhododendrons. The park is adorned with shrubs with beautiful flowers of all colors. Admission is free, entrance from Gl. Ringstedvej. The park is open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 2pm-6pm.

Be your own tour guide

Use the fine spring weather to study the old town centre in Køge. Køge is among the towns in Denmark that have the largest number of well preserved half timbered houses from the Renaissance period in its centre, including Denmark's oldest half timbered house from 1527, verified by a date inscription, and the oldest town hall still in use, dating from 1552.

Be your own tour guide and pick up a city walk map from VisitKøge with information about the houses. The map is handed out for free.