Autumn in Køge

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For an outing in the woods, autumn is the most beautiful season. In Køge the woods are close to town. Bring the entire family along and have a wonderful autumn walk, with activities like gathering chestnuts to make chestnut animals.

Take a cycling tour or walk on the Køge River Path (Køge Å-Stien), a 22 km path along Køge River to the west to the areas of Dyndet and Humleore Forest. Children love playing with water, and they will have every opportunity to do so along the path, where you can get to the very edge of the river in several places.

At the other end of the path is a cosy excursion café, Malerklemmen, and nearby the old grocery shop Mosehuset. Malerklemmen is noted for several specialities, one of them is serving Danish doughnuts throughout the year. Mosehuset has a multitude of amusing items for sale, including elves that are sold all the year round, and for the hungry they have their Pancake House in the back yard.

Køge Å-sti - efterår
Wonderful walks and


Flyvende fugle

Bird watching

Ølsemagle Sand Bar is also noted for its wealth of species of wading birds. In autumn almost any species of wading birds can be watched in the area. Here is also a view tower for bird watchers.

Children´s flea market

Should the children need some toys, it is a good bargain to buy them at the children’s flea market on the Market Square during the autumn holidays. And there is no doubt that they can also find something that they don’t need ...


Autumn evenings are perfect for going out to listen to good music and enjoy a good beer! Every Thursday night Hugo’s basement pub stages live music with various bands and varying genres of music.

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