Minigolf - familie spiller

Family holiday in Køge

Photo: Vallø Camping

Køge is a great base for a lovely holiday with children. Køge has it all! Beach and forest are close by as well as excursion possibilities

Køge is an ideal base for a family holiday concentrating on togetherness. Here you will find activities to entertain and challenge the entire family, all while relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.


Museums in Køge

Take the family on a trip to one of Køge's museums

Kjøge Mini Town

Visit Kjøge Mini-By where a historically accurate replica of the town of Kjøge AD 1865 is built on the scale of 1 to 10.   You are welcome to follow ...

Køge Maritime Modeler guilds

Exhibition featuring large models of ships that participated in the Battles of Køge Bay and were related to Køge Harbour. Live model workshop where...

Køge Museum

Køge Museum is history experience for the whole family. Whether age 7 or 97, you will be in for a great experience when visiting newly renovated Køge ...

Agricultural Museum Lundekrog - Køge

The Agricultural Museum Lundekrog exhibits a facinating collection of household, agriculturel and handicraft tools of the period 1840 - 1950. For gro...

Køge has lots of water

Beaches along Køge Bay

The splendid, wide sandy beaches along Køge Bay are made for family fun and play. And don’t worry – there is plenty of space for everyone! Experienced swimmers can try out the new harbor bath at Køge Marina.

Fun with water in Køge

Køge offers plenty of opportunities to be active with water

Køge Indoor swimming

Køge Indoor swimming near Ølby Station - bus and rail. Plenty of parking space

Do you want to play?

Playgrounds in Køge

Where do you find a playground in Køge?

Minigolf at Køge & Vallø Camping

Mini golf at Køge & Vallø Camping

Treasure in Køge

FREE treasure hunt for children up to 12 years.

Riddle Hunt / escape room

Exciting mysteries for the entire family. Can you solve the mystery of the missing mayor´s chain? Or solve the puzzles of the escape room within an ho...

Excursions - where to go?

The animal park Pangea Park

Pangea Park is an experience itself to visit. In this small animal park you can get very close to the animals

The scenery around Køge

Scenic experiences are always within easy reach in Køge. You will find woods and beaches in the immediate vicinity, providing rich opportunities for g...

Tour suggestions

If you are staying in the Køge Bay region with your family, there will be a lot of experiences in store for you just round the corner

Eat and sleep

Places to eat for children in Køge

Children's favorites in Køge

Accommodation in Køge

Køge has a good selection of lovely places where you can stay - from the campsite in scenic surroundings to accommodation in hotels or private accommodation in the vibrant and cozy trade town of Køge.